Digital Forensic Evidence

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court considered the constitutional limits on police use of new forms of technology as it heard oral arguments in United States v. Jones. The Court examined how the Fourth Amendment applies to warrantless tracking of cars using GPS devices. The Justices considered the extent to which the police could use a GPS device placed on a suspect’s car and collect data from the device (in that case, for a month). The case is expected to be decided next year.  For more coverage, click here or here.

If you have a case involving digital evidence, such as computer or network evidence, cell phone evidence, cell phone tower information being used to “track” a suspect, GPS devices, digital images or other types of electronic or digital evidence, take a look at the new Digital Evidence page of the IDS Forensics website. I’ve posted reference materials, articles, information about experts, and links to other online resources.

As always, if you have filed motions, subpoenaed records or researched a related topic, please email me if you’re willing to share what you’ve done with other attorneys.

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