Crime scene forensics: How does it work?

BBC News has posted a series of videos explaining how forensic tests are performed in crime labs on their Crime scene forensics: How does it work website. These short videos demonstrate various techniques including fingerprint comparisons, use of ninhydrin and superglue fuming (cyanoacrylate) to locate latent print evidence, firearm and projectile comparisons, and examination of pieces of evidence using specialized light sources. The website also contains a limited description of forensic DNA analysis.

The demonstration of these lab techniques should help attorneys understand the function and the limitations of such tests. Viewing the video demonstrations while reading the State Crime Lab technical procedures for latent evidence examination may help attorneys visualize the tests that the technical procedures describe.

Another section of the website provides a 360° crime scene demonstration, which gives a basic description of the phases of evidence collection, the techniques used to preserve evidence, and the roles of crime scene technicians.

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