Forensic Science Advisory Board appointed

Judge Joseph R. John, Director of the North Carolina State Crime Laboratory, announced today that members of the North Carolina Forensic Science Advisory Board have been appointed. This board was statutorily created by the Forensic Sciences Act of 2011 which was signed into law on March 31, 2011. The members of the board are:

  • Mr. Kermit B. Channell, II, Executive Director, Arkansas State Crime Laboratory
  • Dr. Tracey D. Cruz, Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Forensic Science
  • Dr. Marcia T. Eisenberg, LabCorp, Research Triangle Park
  • Dr. Roger Kahn, Director, Harris County (TX) Forensic Biology Laboratory
  • Dr. David Hinks, Professor of Textile Chemistry, North Carolina State University
  • Judge Joseph R. John, Sr., Director, North Carolina State Crime Laboratory
  • Ms. Alka B. Lohman, Virginia Department of Forensic Science
  • Mr. Peter M. Marone, Laboratory Director, Virginia Department of Forensic Science
  • Dr. Bruce R. McCord, Professor, Florida International University Department of Chemistry
  • Dr. Christopher S. Palenik, Vice President and Research Microscopist, Microtrace
  • Ms. Bethany P. Pridgen, Forensic Chemist, Wilmington Police Department
  • Dr. Peter R. Stout, Senior Forensic Scientist, RTI International
  • Dr. Deborah Radisch, North Carolina Chief Medical Examiner
  • Dr. Michael Coble, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Mr. Ronald Singer,Technical and Administrative Director, Tarrant County (TX) Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Dr. Leonard Stefanski, Professor, North Carolina State University Department of Statistics
  • Dr. Robert Eugene Zipf, Jr,  Pathologist (Retired)

The board will meet for the first time on March 22-23, 2012 at the State Crime Laboratory. The board is to review the State Crime Laboratory operations and make recommendations on issues including testing and examination methods, plans for implementation of new programs and qualification standards for the lab’s forensic scientists. For more information, see the NC DOJ’s announcement.

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