Forensics: From Crime Scene to Courtroom CLE

Forensics: From Crime Scene to Courtroom CLE will be held this Friday, April 13 at the North Carolina Advocates for Justice headquarters. This event will feature only four speakers so there will be ample time for the respective topics to be covered in depth. A hypothetical fact pattern has been created for this class which will be the basis for the speakers to show how their respective subject may be applied in a practical trial application. The fact pattern is a single car alcohol / drug driving while impaired accident resulting in the death of one of the vehicle’s occupants.

Theodore W. Vosk, will be presenting on the uncertainty of measurement. Mr. Vosk will discuss error rates in measurement and how they affect breath and blood alcohol estimates. Attendees will be provided not only written materials but an audio file of a recent cross examination by Mr. Vosk of a crime lab technician demonstrating how this theory may be argued in court. Larry Daniel of Guardian Digital Forensics, regarded as one the top experts in the field, will be discussing computer forensics related to computers, cell phones, GPS, social media and cell towers. Dr. Peter Stout from RTI International will discuss GC-MS, Headspace Gas Chromatography and the complex procedures required to obtain forensically reliable results in drug analysis and toxicology. Lastly, Dr. Christena L. Roberts will educate you on what to look for in medical records and autopsy reports in evaluating how injuries or death may have occurred.

On-site registration will begin at 8:00 a.m., speakers will start promptly at 9:00 a.m. and conclude at 4:45 p.m. There is no need to pre-register, but you can email for more information. There will not be a webcast or video replay so don’t miss your chance to learn from some of the best in their respective area of expertise. You will leave with practical information that can be applied to your own pending and future cases.

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