Digital Forensics for Attorneys

The UNC School of Government has posted a new on-demand virtual CLE entitled, Digital Forensics for Attorneys. Digital forensics expert Larry Daniel teaches this one-hour course which attorneys can view for free or purchase for $50 if CLE credit is needed. Daniel’s program provides an overview of digital forensic concepts, case examples, and relevant terminology. Attorneys will learn the basic information needed to understand the process of computer and cell phone forensics; the primary areas of focus in digital forensics; and the proper methods for search and seizure of electronic evidence.

Daniel discusses document metadata and the capabilities of computer forensic recovery of email, internet history, documents, and pictures. He also provides answers to common questions, such as: What is a forensic copy of a hard drive? What kind of information can be recovered?  How do I know if the evidence was properly obtained and preserved? What is a computer forensics expert and what should an attorney expect from such an expert?

This program is a great way for attorneys to learn more about the type of analysis performed on digital devices and is an excellent refresher for anyone confronting digital forensic evidence in a case.

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