Stateline and NPR report on the state of forensic science labs

In a two-part report, Stateline examines the problems facing crime labs across the country.  Part one of the series addresses recent problems plaguing crime labs and the need for judicial education regarding the reliability of forensic evidence.  Part two introduces a new forensic lab in Washington, D.C. which operates independently of state law enforcement agencies and has incorporated many of the recommendations of the 2009 National Academy of Sciences report.

You can read the part one of the Stateline report here  and part two here.

The Greg Taylor case and lab accreditation were the focus of a Nov. 20, 2012, All Things Considered report on NPR. ASCLD/LAB accredited the NC State Crime Laboratory during the time when Greg Taylor’s case was worked and still accredits the lab. In the report, defense attorney Marvin Schechter questions ASCLD/LAB’s accreditation process and calls for forensic science labs to be made independent of law enforcement.  You can listen to the story here.

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