Whiskey in the Courtroom: Evolving Trends in Forensic Science

NC Indigent Defense Services and the Duke Center for Criminal Justice and Professional Responsibility are sponsoring the 4th Annual Whiskey in the Courtroom CLE on March 9, 2018 at Duke Law School. The full-day program for defense attorneys and criminal defense investigators will focus on scientific advances in several fields of forensic evidence, including fire investigation, accident reconstruction, interrogations and false confessions.

The program will also feature scientific poster presentations. Participants can speak with experts about their work, including research on error rates, value-based decision making, admissibility of evidence under the Daubert standard, use of 3-D modeling, and police procedures.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about scientific advances from leading national and in-state experts. Speakers will address how this evidence should be used in court and how to challenge unreliable forensic evidence. Registration information and the full agenda is available here.

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